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Your opportunity to join the Best WorkplacesTM for Women is here – make sure don’t miss it!

Our mission is to help every place become a great place to work for all – and recognize them!

Empower women.

Empower your company.

Get international recognition.

A great place to work For AllTM is one where everyone, regardless of their role or background, experiences a consistently positive environment which, in turn, makes the organization thrive.

Attract top talent

Attract top talent

Attract top talent

Attract top talent

In March 2023, the official Best Workplaces for Women in Greater ChinaTM will be revealed to the world! You can earn a spot on this year’s list and get the international level of recognition you deserve!

Begin your Great Place To Work journey before December 31st, 2023.

How to start:

Become Great Place To Work Certified™ Companies that want to be on a Best Workplaces List start by earning Great Place To Work® Certification™.
Great Place To Work Certification™ makes you eligible for consideration for a spot on the Best Workplaces™ national, regional, and global lists.

Feature in Best Workplaces for Women in Greater China 2024 List and beyond!

It doesn’t stop here – you will also have the opportunity to be recognized as a Best  Workplace in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Greater China! These lists are published in collaboration with Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition and CT Good Jobs to showcase exceptional organizations like yours to the world.
Moreover, you will have the potential to be considered for the Best Workplaces in Asia and the World’s Best Workplaces list.

Multiple recognition opportunities with one application

From start-ups to the world’s largest multinational companies, we acknowledge the best in workplace culture. We recognize companies of all sizes, in all industries, and around the world.

Recognize and empower women.
Great Place To Work will recognize you.

Start your Great Place To Work®
Journey before December 31st, 2023.
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For recognition in the Best Workplaces for Women in Greater ChinaTM 2024 list, we also offer an additional survey tailored to women’s experiences in your  organization. This provides a deeper understanding of your efforts in empowering women and exponentiates the CertificationTM benefits !

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