Best Workplaces™ in Greater China 2022 Report
25 January, 2023

Great Place to Work® lead the industry with the most rigorous, data-based model for quantifying employee experience: The Great Place to Work Trust Model™. Since 1992, we have surveyed more than 100 million employees around the world and continue to use these deep
insights to define what makes a great workplace: TRUST.

Great Place to Work®是國際權威的職場文化與人力資源管理諮詢公司。自 1992 年以來,我們已
經對全球超過 1 億名員工進行了調查,並利用這些深刻的見解來定義出色的職場體驗:信任。

We have in total 92 companies on the Greater China list this year with an average Trust Index score of 89.3. This year, we have awardees coming from a variety of industries.
本年共有92 家企業上榜,他們的Trust Index 平均分為89.3,獲獎企業也來自各行各業。

Our 30 years of continuous research has proven that the definition of a great workplace is one where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do and enjoy the people they work with.

我們 30 年來的持續研究證明,卓越職場的定義是員工信任他們為之工作的人、為他們所做的工 作感到自豪、並享受與他們一起工作的人相處。

Much like any other relationship, the employer–employee relationship needs a foundation of trust, and to thrive there must be a sincere sense of care and support.
Once employees have a consistently positive experience across key areas that contribute to employee well-being, namely, mental and emotional support, sense of purpose, and meaningful connections, they can flourish inside and outside of work.

與所有人際關係一樣,雇主與雇員的關係需要信任作為基礎,想要有健康正面的關係,必須輔以 真誠的關懷和支持。
當員工能在有利員工福祉的關鍵領域享受持續的積極體驗,即心理和情感支援、目標感和有意義 的連繫,他們就能在工作內外茁壯成長。

Managerial Effectiveness
Leaders at great workplaces understand that purpose is not found in a mission statement on the wall or in a company handbook. Rather, they actively help employees connect the work they do with the company’s values and mission.


Innovation is top of mind for executives today. But the term has evolved over the past few years, taking on a new meaning as it has adapted with the pace of business amid ever-more global commerce, rapid technology shifts, and massive market consolidation and disruptions.
Innovation now is as much about agility as it is about invention.
New ideas are the basis for growth and improvement at any company. To cultivate an innovative culture, companies must instill the sentiment that all new ideas have merit, while also providing honest feedback about both successful and unsuccessful ideas.

推動創新是現今高管們的首要任務。在過去數年,隨著全球商業模式改變、快速的技術變革以及 大規模的市場整合和顛覆,創新一詞兼具了更多新含義,創新不單是新發明,也與企業的靈活性 有關。
嶄新的想法是所有公司成長和改進的基礎。為了培育創新文化,公司必須潛移默化所有新想法都 有價值的觀念,同時對成功和不成功的想法都給予真誠的回饋。

Creating Aspirational Workplaces
While COVID-19 has forever changed the way we work, Best Workplaces™ are stepping up to support their employees. Going far beyond perks to create aspirational workplaces, they foster a culture of:
• Inclusion
• Purpose
• Genuine listening
• Caring and empathy
Best companies worked hard to understand the current realities of their workforce, from marginalized, hourly workers to white-collar desk workers.
Home life spilled into work life in unprecedented ways. Parents became homeschool teachers overnight, many having to choose between their children and their jobs. Lockdowns led to an alarming spike in domestic violence. Burnout raged and mental health suffered.
The Best learned to pivot and adapt to the workforce challenges of today. They took a holistic view of workers to support their full lives, which includes their families, communities and personal lives outside of work.
Most importantly, they took action. They focused less on broad policies and more on what each person needed—in real, tangible ways. This transformed mental health assistance, elder care support, childcare and isolation support resources.

In recent years, researchers and companies have proved that a sense of purpose affects performance. It feeds employees’ desire to be part of something bigger than themselves, and inspires innovation and better ways of doing things. Yet, creating purpose that connects with
everyone across an entire organization is easier said than done.

COVID-19 注定永久地改變我們的工作方式,但最佳職場™正在努力支援他們的員工。他們的努力 遠遠超越普通的福利,更進一步創造令人嚮往的職場,並深化以下的文化:
• 包容性
• 意義
• 真誠的聆聽
• 關懷與同理心
工作以前所未有的方式入侵家庭生活。父母在一夜之間成為家庭教師,許多人甚至不得不在孩子 和工作之間做出選擇。封閉隔離導致家庭暴力激增、職業倦怠肆虐、心理健康也受到影響。
優秀的職場學會調整和適應當今的挑戰。他們以宏觀角度支持員工的生活,包括他們的家庭、社 區和工作之外的個人生活。
更重要的是,他們採取積極的行動。他們較少聚焦在廣泛的政策,而是以更真實和具體的方式,深入地關注每一個人的需要。此舉改變了心理健康援助、老年人護理支援、兒童保育和隔離期間 的資源提供。
近年,不少研究和企業也證明,員工對目的和意義的感知會影響業績。意義能讓員工成就更大的 願景,並激發創新和更好的工作方式。然而,要建立與整個組織中的每個人相聯繫的目的感並不 容易。

During the recent turbulent years of Covid pandemic, so many things shifted place and the journey became ‘jumpy’. The immediate reaction of the leadership was raising concerns as to how all these changes will affect the morale of the people and its effect on productivity.
Smartly enough, and thanks to the trust-based cultures they are heading in their certified Great Workplaces, they didn’t have a loss in productivity, but a sizeable gain instead. They took care of how they implemented the practices that were needed to adapt to the
restrictions. It’s not only working from home, is how you facilitate the process of working from home, how do you support, keep them focused and inspired. This turbulence might be going out, but very likely another challenge is on its way. What did you learn? Is your
organization ready?

在疫情肆虐的日子裡,許多事情都發生了變化,旅程中高低起伏不斷。領導層的直接反應是這些 變化將如何影響員工的士氣及其對生產力帶來影響。幸好,得益于卓越職場認證中一直宣導的信 任文化,最佳職場的生產力非但沒有減少,反獲得了可觀的收益。他們非常謹慎地對待所有疫情 下為適應限制而採取的新措施。這不僅是在家工作的問題,而是如何改善在家工作的體驗,如何 提供支援,讓員工保持專注。疫情帶來的不安定終將寫上句號,但下一個挑戰正等著我們。您學 到了什麼?您的組織又準備好了嗎?

The following survey statements reflect the strengths of the Best Workplaces™ awardees.


Besides payment and shared profit, these statements reflect areas where employees see
the need for improvements.




COVID-19大流行對我們的日常生活帶來持續的影響,但企業仍需繼續運作。 通過定性研究一份名為“亞太地區轉變為工作的新常態”的白皮書,其中內容涵蓋來自銀行,醫療保健,教育,電信,研究和專業顧問等行業的商業和思想領袖,分享他們對亞太地區組織文化如何順應新工作方式轉變的見解。

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