Best Workplaces in Asia™ 2023 Article
27 September, 2023

On September 7-8th, Sri Lanka hosted the 2023 Conference: “Transforming Workplace Culture from Good to Great”, and the Best Workplaces in Asia™ Awards Ceremony, at the Shangri La hotel, in the welcoming city of Colombo. The conference offered keynote speeches, panels, and interactive sessions, offering inspiring content, amazing learning opportunities, and wonderful regional networking for the hundreds of participants that attended the event.

Jose Bezanilla, CEO of Great Place to Work® in Greater China, shared in a panel about the pride that the Greater China office feels about the high performance and inspiring practices that the awarded companies have been achieving (and maintaining) in recent years.

Great Place to Work identifies Best Workplaces in Asia™ by surveying 2.1 million employees in Asia and the Middle East about the key factors that create great workplaces for all and analyzing company workplace programs, impacting 5.9 million employees in the region. This year, the 200 Best Workplaces in Asia™ scored 90 % on the average of all statements, compared to 81 % for other participating workplaces, and only 55% among global general workforce. 

We once again congratulate all the companies that made it to the list of Best Workplaces in Asia™ 2023; especially those representing Greater China.

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