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The Best Workplaces for Women™ in Greater China 2024 Awards Ceremony finally took place on April 11th, 2024.
We’re excited to share the success of this truly exceptional event, with an incredible turnout and an incredible response from attendees.

It was an evening filled with inspiration and celebration, featuring esteemed company
leaders as guests and speakers who are committed to recognizing outstanding

Thank you to our Keynote Speaker!

Ms. Bowen Yang

Business Director ● 业务总监

Bowen has around 15 years of working experience in consulting, with diversified consulting background varying from HR consulting, IP & licensing consulting and brand consulting from both client brand side and agency side experience, she understands more brand content within commercial environments. 

She is very passionate in branding, with both strong business development & account management experience. She experienced in delivering diversified brand solutions including not limited to research, brand strategy, naming, brand architecture, messaging framework and tone of voice, CI/VI design, brand experience design, digital design and retail design etc. with large scale and complex. 

She graduated from the University of Bath with a Master’s degree, but is also a Member of the Communist Party of China, therefore has strong local insight (especially understanding of the local government and policy) with global view. Few brands she worked for: Covestro, EFUND, Jinjiang Hotel Group, LLPZ, Chimelong Group, Ant Financial Services, Angel, Water Huawei, BuddaBay (Nianhuawen Cultue& Travel), Unilever, etc.

Bowen拥有约15年的咨询工作经验,拥有人力资源咨询、知识产权授权咨询和品牌咨询等多元化的咨询背景,在商业环境中了解更多的品牌内容。 她对品牌推广非常有热情,拥有强大的业务发展和客户管理经验。她在提供多元化品牌解决方案方面有经验,包括不限于研究、品牌战略、命名、品牌架构、信息框架、CI/VI设计、品牌体验设计、数字设计和零售设计等。 她毕业于巴斯大学,但同时也是中国共产党员,因此具有很强的全球洞察力(特别是对当地政府和政策的理解)。 她服务过的的品牌有:科思创、EFUND、锦江集团、良品铺子、长隆集团、蚂蚁金服、安吉尔、华为、拈花湾、联合利华等。

Congratulations to the 38 outstanding companies that have earned a spot on the Best Workplaces™ list. To see the full list of these great organizations, simply click the button below:

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